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Our coaching strategy

As a business owner, director, manager or leader, it may be a source of frustration that you are unable to find the time to create a plan or a strategy to ensure the continued growth of your business. Or maybe you feel you are capable of greater achievements, but due to current constraints, you are unsure of where to start.

We create a stimulating and challenging coaching experience, whilst at the same time, supporting and encouraging. Coaching is a powerful asset allowing you to learn and reflect. New skills can be embedded in real work situations, thereby achieving far greater business growth.


Natalie came to work at the Innovation Centre to help us strengthen our employee engagement. We were particularly interested in getting a deeper understanding of the results of our annual engagement survey but also in finding ways to better foster personal development, which we recognise as a key factor in employee motivation. Her coaching skills but also her high energy and engaging personality enabled her to build trust quickly and get valuable contribution from diverse team members. Her work has been a key factor in some of the development discussions that have subsequently taken place and the team really enjoyed working with her.
Caroline Wood

GKN Automotive

Driving performance and productivity through coaching 

Business coaching is highly effective in reenergising and refocusing business performance, whatever the size of your business. It helps to bring about positive change and can encourage positive collective habits that bring about success. This type of coaching enables those at management and leadership level to identify and address their challenges, encourages them to think about areas that need specific focus, and overcome obstacles that may be standing in their way of greater success.

Business coaching supports in stretching beyond current abilities, allowing for new ideas and opportunities to emerge and to improve performance. It can support change management, effective communication and business growth.


We can undertake business coaching at your work premises, or a venue of your choice. Contact us today on 07739 898167 or email us