Professional Coaching

Across the globe, there is a growing adoption of coaching. It is seen as a beneficial process for personal and organisational development.

Coaching is a unique relationship, which focuses on the specific aims of the individual or company. The belief is that we all have the capacity to find the best solution and coaching can help us to gain the clarity to find and follow the right path.

Springer Alexander offers:

Individual Coaching – With a focus on personal goals, these 1:1 sessions are effective for career progression, pitching to clients and the management of difficult situations.

Business Coaching – Combining group and individual sessions, this team approach supports change management, effective communication and business growth.

Benefits of Coaching

In the 2017 ICF Global Coaching Client Study, the benefits of coaching include improvements in:

  • Work Performance
  • Time Management
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Self Confidence
  • Communication Skills
  • Work/Life Balance

In our experience, coaching clients also grow in confidence. This has a positive impact on their ability to deal with the current situation, as well as becoming more self-reliant in other areas of their life.

A Better Understanding Coaching

We have all learnt to respond to situations in specific ways. Our thoughts can be clouded by past experience, assumptions and fear. This can make it difficult for us to gain a clear picture of the true options. Coaching challenges the validity of points raised, it builds self-awareness and supports progress towards goals.

Coaching isn’t asking for help and getting the answer. In truth, the best option for one person is very different from another. Our approach is client led; we listen to you and respond accordingly.

Professional coaching is also different from a chat with friends or family. We have no alternative agenda, we offer no advice and we aren’t emotionally involved. Our objective perspective is an asset when it comes to gaining clarity and we aren’t afraid to be honest, or challenge inconsistencies in what you say or do. We will agree on actions and hold you accountable, but our intention is to move you towards your goal.

If you are ready to commit to coaching, we can help you realise your aspirations. Get in touch to arrange an initial consultation. This 30-minute session will be conducted via Skype, free of charge.