Professional business coaching will help the individuals in your business to align thoughts and actions with company values and goals.

  • Is there a mismatch between the values that underpin your business and the day to day working practice?
  • Do you feel frustrated that individuals in your team aren’t pulling together to enhance performance?
  • Are you about to drive business in a new direction?

Business coaching is aimed at transformation within teams. It is future-focused, looking at agreed goals and the role that every individual can play in achieving those goals.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is an effective means of gaining a clear understanding of the organisational culture. It highlights particular strengths, as well as the barriers to success. It facilitates discussions and actions that can result in positive change. In our experience business coaching is effective in supporting:

  • Change Management
  • Growth and Efficiency
  • The Resolution of Internal Conflict
  • Team Effectiveness

A team approach to business coaching can include personality profiling. This offers a clear picture of each employee’s strengths and motivations, which can be harnessed for the benefit of the organisation. It also helps individuals to understand how to adapt their communication and behaviours in order to get the best response from others.

Springer Alexander will address company values and the related beliefs and assumptions that are held within the team. We will look at the attitudes and behaviours of individuals and the impact that these have on others. Our aim will to be to build on the positives, yet challenge actions which hinder progress.

Confidential Business Coaching

Successful business coaching is dependent on trust and honesty. On an individual basis, our coaching sessions are confidential. This means that we will not share any information that has been discussed in a coaching session.

In team coaching, every team member must feel free to openly share thoughts, fears and ideas without undue concern about the implications back in the workplace. For this to be realised, we rely on everyone agreeing to a respectful attitude that gives all the right to confidentiality.

Springer Alexander professional coaches are based in the Home Counties, but are willing to travel across the UK. We can undertake business coaching on your work premises or a venue of your choice. Please complete the online form and we’ll be in touch to discuss your requirements.