The answer is definitely yes

  • if you want to have higher levels of accountability

  • if you know there is room for improvement

  • if you desire greater profit flowing into your business

  • if you want to perform better and improve decision making

  • if you are looking to find new ways of generating a better income stream

  • if you want to really see what you are capable of achieving.


Sales coaching makes the difference between a good performance and an excellent one. There is no doubt about it, it can transform both your productivity and sales results. It maximises your sales performance both in the immediate and long-term by instigating changes in how you work and in your workplace behaviour through regular sessions over a sustained period of time.

Key Benefits to Sales Coaching

Coaching provides the support a salesperson needs in order to get things done, which in turn inspires confidence with their own abilities. This can bring about real benefits not just to the individual but the team and business as a whole.

It shortens your learning curve: Get where you want to be faster by speeding up your progress and achieving the right results with a coach who can provide the experience of having done this before.

Improves productivity: Coaching provides the motivation for individuals to go above and beyond their role at work making them more efficient and ultimately more effective.

Boosts profits: Sales coaching brings about improvements in the skills of a sales team. When they are more proficient, they will bring a greater sales performance, accelerating growth for the business.

Closes more deals: Sales coaching can fine tune an individual’s skills and encourage best practice and confidence, thereby making them more effective at closing more deals.

Brings in new clients: Sales coaching not only enhances the likelihood of repeat business, it can encourage and inspire confidence to land other deals and bring in new business to the company.

Encourages greater teamwork: Sales coaching a team helps them to communicate more effectively, instils a sense of shared purpose and unites them together on any particular task or project. When they know they are working at an optimum level they are better motivated to enjoy the work they are doing as they are accomplishing more.

New perspectives: Sales coaching not only revitalises teams, it provides new perspectives on particular selling strategies. This helps to transform sales personnel encouraging them to be proactive and to try new methods.

How does Sales Coaching work?

  1. One of the first things a sales coach will do is to get you focusing on what is important to you, your business and your career. This may be achieving peak sales performance, stretching yourself to see what you are capable of, more accountability, stepping up or removing items that have been on your sales to-do list for ages …
  2. Sales training definitely has its place in improving performance and skills. However, sales coaching is process that identifies an effective strategy to create and develop sales talent. A sales coach will make a realistic and achievable plan with you, where you will not only define your goals but what success looks like to you. Together you will map out how you are going to achieve this and in what time frame.
  3. A sales coach helps you to focus on what is important by opening themselves up with their wealth of experience, offering you their expertise and practical knowledge on how to approach day-to-day scenarios. This specific coaching focuses the salesperson, or sales team, to develop their knowledge and skills within the sales environment so that they become effective in (among others) creating deals, pipeline and account management and achieving consistent results.
  4. A sales coach understands the art of selling and is experienced in this particular field. They know how to provide focus and motivation and will develop salespeople and healthy sales teams to achieve their best performance and great sales results. Coaching enables you to brainstorm sales ideas and strategies before putting them into practice.
  5. The best sales coaches know that everyone has different motivations at work and are skilled in taking different approaches based on their understanding of the individuals within a team. Their role is to support, guide and reinforce ensuring your salespeople and their teams are realising their own vision.

A sales coach ultimately holds you accountable for your own development and the success of the work you do, and therefore of the business. They will question your actions and expect you to get things done to improve overall business performance. They can increase resilience, maintain morale, strengthen commitment and develop leadership by instilling confidence, providing proven strategies and improving the overall capacity of individuals and teams.