If your sales people are failing to perform, it’s not only your profits that suffer – so does their confidence. Coaching can help to improve motivation and help get your sales back on track – and to stay there too… 

When sales team fail to hit their targets, their confidence takes a battering, and they can struggle to get back into the right mindset to sell.


This is the time to bring in some expert training. Not only will bespoke training help them to get back in the zone, continuous coaching will help them to stay on track – and help get your profits back into the black.

It’s not enough just to set targets and leave them to get on with it. A professional trainer can tap into the hidden potential of your team, help to improve their motivation and then offer a number of strategies to help them improve their communications skills and also boost their confidence.

A bespoke training process will look at all of the skills of each member of the team – and what motivates them. It won’t be the same for everyone, which is the advantage of bespoke training over a one-size-fits-all approach – the training can be tailored to fit the styles and skills of everyone in your team, and help them all to achieve their full potential.


A good coach will get the sales person to analyse their own performance to help them identify where the performance gap is. This will allow them to have more control over their own development.

They will then work together to explore different ways in which to make improvements

A good coach will also help to reinvigorate your sales team to enhance their performance. With a clear vision of the goals – and the confidence to achieve – they will be rewarded with job satisfaction, and you will be rewarded with improved sales figures.

Continuous development

An important part of the process is continual coaching and reviewing. Working with the coach, the sales person can review what is working, what’s not working and what they can do to continually improve and progress. This continual process ensures they remain engaged and invested in continuing to improve their performance.

Simple ways to improve sales performance

Here’s five simple ways to improve the performance of your sales team:

  • Create a sales plan – this offers the team a direction for their performance, offers an objective for them and a way to measure success.
  • Use a CRM – If you’re not already using some form of pipeline measurement system, then at the very least Client Relationship Management software, or CRM, will help your sales team manage their leads, keep track of contacts, and identify sales opportunities more effectively. There are numerous CRMs available with different price points.
  • Hold regular team meetings – if your team is regionally based, get them together! This will help to keep your sales people focused on their own targets within the company’s sales plan. It also gives them the chance to share successes, useful strategies, and any disappointments.
  • Get clever with emails – inbuilt within many CRMs is the facility for advanced email features which will let you track email engagement, send emails from a template and create automated email campaigns.
  • Use customer referrals – happy customers will recommend you to other prospective customers. Make it easy for customers to give good reviews by encouraging feedback – ask them to send email recommendations, or to recommend individual sales people on LinkedIn, by posting reviews on Google and by implementing a customer referral scheme.

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