Preparing for a successful return to work once the current lockdown ends

But what will this look like? And, how will businesses achieve success in the ‘new normal’?

Businesses are planning for a return to their offices and places of work. In this current climate we know that there is going to be an emphasis on generating stability and a return to growth. We need to get ourselves and our people back to work, even though our working life will not return to normal for a long time.

The future is now very likely to include a greater degree of home-working, most definitely in the short to medium term while public transport is discouraged, and social distancing will reduce physical workplace capacity. As business opens up once more, we have to take into account the mix of home and office workers and support them accordingly.

We have now had time to adjust to a different way of life, and we have all changed because of it. Work culture has shifted to accommodate new ideas and way of working, so returning to the ‘new normal’ might be a shock. Some of us may be itching to get back making sales, meeting deadlines and increasing profits, others may find it hard to adapt. For staff who have been away from their workplaces these last few months, returning will initially feel unsettling. Much has changed in the interim and of course some of the team may not be returning at all. There are lots of unknowns at present that influence a business’ plans, but managers and their teams can focus on preparing for what they think the future may hold and how they can respond proactively.

If there is one thing we have learnt with Covid-19, it’s that we are far more resilient than we perhaps ever knew. Many have risen to the new challenge of working from home, navigating Zoom meetings and fielding calls, without the immediate physical presence of our usual team support network. Some of us have been furloughed, and not been working at all during this period. Managers and leaders will need to work with and develop their teams in different locations and will need to understand what motivates their staff.

Successful businesses thrive on a motivated workforce so building workplace morale is going to be essential. We need to be able to return to work in the right frame of mind, ready to be flexible on the new challenges affecting our ways of working post Covid-19 lockdown. Some of us may lack confidence, others require motivating, some will be anxious. All of us need to feel confident in the organisations that employ us, believing they are putting out health and safety first and foremost. Less personal interaction means that teams and managers may find it difficult to pick up on cues that point to reduced morale or conflict.

You may have certain team members who could benefit from specific coaching or training to bolster their morale, or wish to develop teams to work effectively once more. Encouraging a positive attitude and supportive co-workers will enable a workplace where staff feel valued and therefore motivated to return to work.

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