As business owners we may feel that a Christmas party is not only a costly event that requires some serious headache-inducing organisation, but it is perhaps unnecessary when a Christmas bonus and few mince pies for the office might suffice. However, a party is a way for everyone to relax and forget about work for a night and most employees look forward to this key event of the year.

An office Christmas party brings together individuals who may not spend time with or really know one another on a day-to-day basis. It presents you with a real opportunity to motivate your staff, engage with them, boosting confidence and self-esteem along the way. It is often highly anticipated so provides you with the opportunity to show your appreciation to your employees.

Boost your team’s morale. With energy levels at the end of the year often running low, a party gives your employees something to look forward to: it can be a huge morale boost and provides a new focus for comradery. Getting to know each another on a more personal level helps to build a sense of connection between team members. Forgetting work stress and relaxing away from the office can be hugely positive, allowing individuals to build relationships which can produce long-term results within the working environment.

A way to say thank you for hard work. We know it’s vital to recognise the hard work done by individuals and teams over the year. It can be really motivating when the Christmas party reflects the endeavours of the previous 12 months and the integral role everyone has played. It’s a way to openly reward everyone and to celebrate their efforts.

Happy, engaged staff. High morale means employees work well together, they are better engaged with the company and are driven to succeed. When staff feel they are valued, they are less absent from work, loyal to the company, innovative and are more productive. An office Christmas party is about inclusivity and promoting higher levels of engagement, which ultimately creates better job performance.

Team bonding. It’s a great way for new staff to get to know their co-workers better and to feel more included. It also provides the opportunity for cross-team integration, forming new and stronger bonds to take back to the workplace. Blending personal and professional relationships helps to facilitate a positive work environment, thereby helping to increase productivity.

Promote company culture. Christmas parties are a unique way to enhance the culture and identity of a business. You can use them as a way to reinforce your company values, tailoring the event to reflect the type of business you are. A fun, collaborative party that individuals can relate to and feel enthused by, will reinforce their feeling of why they like working for you.

Cost-effective. Staff leaving a business can cost a lot of time and money to replace. It may seem a Christmas party is an unnecessary cost, but it is a way to nurture, reward and ultimately retain good staff.

Everyone enjoys it. A Christmas celebration brings everyone from all levels of the business together. Teams can see their managers on a more personal level, and any barriers can be broken down as you all mix together. Being away from your desk and enjoying yourself with the rest of your team, helps to boost productivity on your return. It’s a brilliant way to escape the day job and to connect with others.

A Christmas party is not about blowing the budget on a huge event. Depending on the size of your business, even a change of scene can produce the desired effect of motivating and engaging your staff. The key is to produce something that not only reflects the ethos of your business, but to be inclusive for all, fun and to instil positivity for the new year ahead.