Last month we looked at how to stay motivated to achieve our goals. But so many of us focus on being successful, organised and efficient that we forget the most important thing – to be happy. Here are five ways to make yourself happier…

1. Maintain a balance

You know what they say about all work and no play! We know that you want to succeed in your work life, especially if you run your own business, but it pays to take stock every so often, to ensure that you are having some fun, or you run the risk of burning out. Likewise, if you’re more laid-back when it comes to your work life, make sure that you’re putting in the effort where it’s needed, or you could feel unfulfilled or even left behind by your peers.

2. Setting goals

We spoke about this last month. Goal-setting helps you to stay on track and gives you motivation to carry on succeeding. If you want to get creative with your goal setting, why not create a vision board, which will show your hopes and dreams in one place – great to keep above your desk when you’re feeling less than motivated. You can create one on your own, or maybe enlist the help of family or friends. Use pictures from magazines, images printed from the internet, inspirational quotes and phrases. Look online or on Pinterest for vision board inspiration.

3. Look after yourself

Don’t forget to look after yourself. So many of us are busy sorting out our businesses, and looking after our family and friends, we forget to leave time for us. And it’s not all about pampering yourself with bubble baths and spa treatments. Just looking after your diet, doing some exercise and making sure you get some decent sleep is great. Anything else is a bonus! Work out what you need to be able to cope with the rest of your life – whether it’s some regular time spent on a hobby, an exercise class or a good walk in the fresh air!

4. Don’t try to keep up with the Jones’s

Comparing our lives with other people is a trap you don’t want to get caught in. With the ever-present nature of social media, this is becoming harder to do. Not only is it always there, but we are constantly confronted by what look like perfect lives – promotions, successful projects, fulfilling private lives, overachieving children – few people boast about a bad day at work, a child who got a detention, or how unfulfilling or just plain ordinary their day at work was.

Check how time on social media makes you feel. If it is not having a positive effect, consider cutting it out – or at least reducing your time on it. And if you feel you don’t have much spare time – check how much time you spend on social media each day – cutting it out may give you time to go to the gym, join a class, spend time with a loved one, or do something else more fulfilling.

If you’re still not convinced, check out this study, which concluded that limiting social media use to half an hour a day has a positive effect on well-being.

5. Nurture relationships

We are all so busy and timetable so much into our lives, and yet sometimes forget to make time for partners, family, and friends. Having loving, supportive relationships is hugely important to feeling supported and secure. Don’t consider time spent with family and friends as wasted time – it’s a very important part of self-care. So make the time to go out on a date night with your partner, to spend some one-on-one time connecting with your teenager, or meeting friends you haven’t seen for a while. Take up a new pastime with them – dancing or book club – or maybe make the effort to join a new group and make some new friends.


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