Business Mentoring

Mentoring is a two-way relationship where guidance and feedback are provided and applied in order to support personal development.

As mentors, we have gained valuable knowledge and experience which can be shared for the benefit of the mentee. Rather than simply imparting knowledge, our role is to empower our mentees through encouragement and direction.

Trusted Business Mentors

The business mentoring relationship based on mutual respect. You have to trust that as mentors, we are invested in your success. Our role is to help you identify your goals. We then offer advice in order to direct your energy towards actions that move you towards these goals. We will answer your questions, either in person, by undertaking research on your behalf or by directing you to other relevant professionals.

Your role is to be open to suggestions, to ask questions and take responsibility for carrying out actions. We may offer alternatives to your usual approach and although unfamiliar, we would only present these options if they are in your interest. With a willingness to give every action a fair shot, you will gain more from being mentored.

To provide you with the confidence that we could work together, we offer a FREE 30 minute Skype consultation. Why not contact us to arrange a convenient time for this initial discussion?

Would I Benefit from Mentoring?

We believe that everyone would benefit from mentoring sessions at some point in their life. A mentor offers a fresh, objective perspective which is almost impossible to gain on your own. They can use their knowledge and experience to identify where you should be channelling your energy in order to move forward.

In our experience, individuals have found it useful to work with a mentor to:

  • Upskill for a career promotion
  • Boost productivity to support business growth
  • Develop a strategy to boost sales
  • Overcome a challenging situation
  • Gain confidence in preparing for a new business opportunity
  • Improve the work/life balance

If you have ambitions, but no idea how to realise them, or you simply can’t see the wood for the trees, mentoring could provide you with the support and direction that you need to progress.

How many Mentoring Sessions will I need?

Each mentoring relationship is unique, so the number of sessions will be subject to individual requirements. We will offer sessions until we agree that you have gained clarity on the situation and feel confident about continuing on the path to your desired outcome. Remember, the first 30 minute Skype consultation is free, so why not get in touch and find out more.