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Open Workshops

Why not expand your knowledge or learn a new skill to broaden the opportunities available to you at work. These workshops will increase your self-confidence and provide you with powerful learning techniques. We know first-hand that our training boosts business performance, so let it benefit you too.

Confident networking

Gain confidence in networking and discover the solutions to reframe and address your fears.

If you dread the idea of walking in, conversing and delivering a 60 second pitch, this workshop is for you. We will explore the fear you feel and discuss and develop solutions to reframe and address those fears. With a fresh perspective, you will gain the confidence to benefit from networking events. Business networking is a great way to build a list of trusted contacts. Over time you will connect with various suppliers, partners and customers and this training workshop helps you to be confident in networking situations.

Professional telemarketing skills

Learn how to pinpoint your target audience and develop the right questions to ask.

We have a lot of experience running our own successful telemarketing company. We can show you how to make use of this sales and marketing resource. In this workshop we’ll find out who your target audience is and develop the right questions to ask. We’ll develop your communication skills, giving you the confidence to listen, respond and to pitch, in order to win new business.

Setting up a successful telemarketing campaign

Put your skills from the Professional Telemarketing Skills workshop to practice in this practical workshop.

We will look at all the elements that are required to prepare for a winning telemarketing campaign. We will equip you with the necessary knowledge to employ telemarketing into your wider sales and marketing strategy. 


Employee engagement

The role of the manager in employee engagement is crucial and can have a huge effect on the satisfaction, motivation and morale of employees within an organisation. Learn techniques to ensure that you are getting the best from your team by making sure they are fully engaged.

To help managers begin to understand why employee engagement is crucial to being a successful manager, participants will examine the types of behaviours great managers do to drive employee engagement. They’ll study their impact on the quality of work output.  Increased engagement is achieved by strengthening team members’ pride in both the organisation and their roles and we will ensure that participants understand and know how to influence the behaviours that drive this.

Building your team

This valuable course is for both new and established teams, and is designed to help them recognise what makes an effective team and examine ways in which to strengthen collective performance.

Along with enabling the team to understand what makes a high performing team and realistically assess their current strengths and weaknesses, it is important to also identify and plan behavioural changes that will improve team performance.  This course will allow team members to get to know and/or better understand their colleagues.  Great for solidifying foundations in the building of a new team, but will also re-energise an existing team.

Managing and motivating a successful sales team

Reinvigorate your sales team by understanding their skills and motivations to boost their performance.

Understand the individual skills and motivations of your sales team, support them to work to their strengths, boost team dynamics and offer meaningful rewards. 

Breaking through limiting beliefs

Are you frustrated that you’re repeatedly overlooked for business contracts, job promotions or other things you aspire to? The resolution may be closer to home than you realise.

Many of us are held back by our own assumptions and inner doubt. These limiting beliefs can be challenged. In this workshop, we explore what’s holding us back and make a plan based on positive thinking to help make the steps towards achieving our potential. 

Providing exceptional customer service

Is your business reliant on repeat business and referrals? If so, every member of your company has to consistently excel in the delivery of exceptional customer service. 

In this workshop, we explore how your company serves its customers. We consider the difference that can be made by people, policies and processes. We offer practical tips to transform the customer experience, so you leave the workshop with the skills to boost the reputation of your company. 

Assertive behaviour

A highly interactive workshop designed to help participants develop more assertive behaviour when dealing with others.

Along with encouraging participants to define assertiveness and identify its main characteristics, this course helps build an understanding of the importance of assertive behaviour on ourselves and others, and encourages the development of techniques in dealing assertively with aggressive behaviour.

Coaching skills for managers

Learn how to get the best out of your team, through the use of the highly desirable skill of coaching. Observe how quickly your team can improve through being coached.

Identify the skills that managers will need to be an effective workplace coach and understand how to coach for development and higher performance.  Learn how to structure a coaching session with staff members as well as being able to create a useful framework for a coaching meeting.  Once you have started implementing this way of communicating with your team, you’ll be delighted with how their performance level increases.

The wonderful art of delegation

What are the pitfalls to avoid when delegating and why is it the some tasks just can’t be delegated? 

 Find out what constitutes effective and ineffective delegation and learn why it’s important to delegate well.  We will begin to define potential barriers and some of the pitfalls to avoid when delegating along with identifying tasks that can’t be delegated.  We will also come to understand that delegation is an ideal way of enabling learning, which is an important key to engaging and motivating people.

First time leadership

For those moving into a leadership role for the first time, it is important to understand at the outset the impact a leader can have on motivation and therefore performance .

Participants will learn the differences between leadership and management.  We will examine different leadership styles and be able to describe the skills, attributes and importance of a good leader.  As well as appreciating the impact a leader can have on motivation and performance, there will be ample opportunity to reflect on our own role as leaders and areas for development within.

Managing change

In order to manage and oversee change effectively, it is important to identify how people react to change, and to identify the questions that need to be asked in advance of implementing any important changes.

On this course, we will examine what considerations and communications are needed when embarking on a programme of change.  We will identify real-life examples of good and bad experiences of change and participants will explore and examine their own feelings and reactions to change.  We will learn how to effectively roll out and manage change where more than one department is involved and how to communicate changes effectively.

Embracing change

Change is often resisted and can have a negative impact on all concerned if not handled well. This course is designed to help participants understand the emotional journey that change involves, and give them tools to help them positively embrace change .

Learn about the common barriers to successful change and understand why change is often resisted.  We examine the change curve and strategies that might make the journey through it less stressful. We look at the differences and the impact of an optimistic and pessimistic outlook and suggest ways of handling negativity in a team.

Becoming more influential

Do you often feel that your reluctance to influence others is holding you back?

What exactly is influence?  During this course, we will identify areas in which participants can change their behaviour in order to become more influential.  We will explain the importance of credibility when seeking to influence others along with other actions they can take to increase their ability to build influential relationships.  We will examine the differences between assertive behaviour and aggressive or submissive behaviours and how to use assertive behaviour to influence.

Negotiation skills

Do you wish you had better negotiating skills and often find it difficult to shift the parameters of others?

By demonstrating the importance of building a clear understanding of needs, feelings and standpoints in negotiation and through effective questioning and listening we can begin to understand the importance of being aware of the ‘bigger picture’.  Through this interactive session, participants will learn a number of assertiveness techniques and demonstrate the ability to assertively make and refuse requests.  They will consequently develop an understanding of how to overcome differences and the value of a shared problem and creative solution-finding approach to negotiation.


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