Bespoke Corporate Training

What are your team’s strengths and where are the gaps? We will identify both, before preparing bespoke corporate training to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Prior to running a corporate training session, Springer Alexander will conduct research into the performance of your team. We can speak with stakeholders, analyse data, attend meetings and listen in on sales calls. Our objective is to build a clear understanding of current operations.

We combine this knowledge with your expectations of the corporate training sessions. With initial research undertaken, we will design and prepare a bespoke package that focuses on transforming outcomes by addressing the gaps.

Corporate Training for Change Management

Our bespoke corporate training can be particularly beneficial during times of change. Many of us are naturally resistant to change, especially when it feels as though we have no say in the matter. Individuals may have concerns about the relevance of their role, whether they have sufficient skills or how change will impact on other aspects of their work or life.

Bespoke corporate training can be effective in sharing the vision and addressing concerns. As a positive step in change management, it can build confidence and allay fears. It offers a fresh perspective, practical actions and encourages collective responsibility for achieving a successful outcome.

Corporate Training for New Business Opportunities

Bespoke corporate training has also been effective in preparing a team before they embark on a new project. It provides a forum for open, honest communication and the sharing of ideas. Corporate training provides a means of developing strategies which ensure every member of the team is clear on their role. This typically results in a positive work culture, where everyone takes a degree of ownership and is accountable for their actions and behaviours.

Corporate Training for Sales Managers

If your sales teams are failing to hit their targets it can dent their confidence, as well as your profits. With expertise in sales performance, Springer Alexander can provide bespoke corporate training to tap into the hidden potential of your team. We develop team motivation, provide strategies to improve communication skills and boost confidence.

If you are ready to fully engage with your team through bespoke corporate training, get in touch to discuss the options: or 07739 898167.